From P2P Radio to PC-Driven Test Equipment: The Evolution of Vaunix

Posted by Scott Blanchard on Jun 23, 2016 4:56:51 PM

How Scott and Alan Met

The founders of Vaunix, Scott Blanchard and Alan Olsen met over 20 years ago while working for Advanced Techcom, Inc. (ATI)—a Massachusetts based design and manufacturer of digital microwave and millimeter-wave radio systems for short and long haul voice, data, and video applications. During their time working at ATI, a number of fortuitous events allowed them to work together more closely.

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Topics: Vaunix, Lab Brick, test and measurement

Programmable RF Components in Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

Posted by Scott Blanchard on Mar 24, 2016 3:00:00 PM

In the past, large production environments and sophisticated labs were the dominant influence on the research and development that led to yesterday’s full-featured benchtop equipment market. Today, however, nimble test and verification teams are increasingly looking for more portable and cost efficient solutions devoid of cluttered GPIB cabling and specialized software. Not only has the debugging of previous generation automated test equipment (ATE) proven difficult without expert technicians, test engineers today are enjoying the flexibility of using programmable components that leverage APIs connected to commonly used software platforms. 

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Topics: Signal Generators, Lab Brick, digital attenuators, test and measurement, ATE