Getting to Know Lab Brick Part Five: Switches

Posted by Scott Blanchard on Apr 9, 2015 4:19:24 PM

High-speed switches like our Lab Brick models are integral parts of many test systems, so I’ll explain how easy it is to configure them in this blog. Lab Brick software lets you operate your switch (or switches) in four modes. Manual control mode lets you operate the switch from the computer’s display. You just select “Internal” in the Switch Control window and in the Switch Setting window select the path you want to connect.

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LSW RF Switches Earn Video Time

Posted by Scott Blanchard on Jun 27, 2014 2:32:25 PM

At the IMS 2014 show we were able to show off our line of LSW switches for the wonderful folks at Wireless Design & Development. Our LSW Switches are designed to give you reliable, high isolation and low cost solid state switching in both single-pole-double-throw and single-pole-four-throw configurations.
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Topics: IMS 2014, LSW Switch