Q & A with Vaunix: Phase and Accuracy of Lab Brick Phase Shifters

Posted by Scott Blanchard on Nov 17, 2015 10:00:00 AM

In our Q & A blog series, we’ve addressed some of the most important and technical questions about our Lab Bricks. We hope these answers give you a better understanding of how our products work.

Q. What is the phase accuracy and repeatability of Lab Brick phase shifters?

 A. Vaunix Lab Brick phase shifters are conservatively rated. For example, phase accuracy measurement of an LPS-802 at 5.8 GHz shows phase error of less than 1 deg. with a maximum of 1.7 deg. The LPS-402 and all other models have some variation versus frequency but it is minimal. The LPS Series is also extremely repeatable, and as it is a solid-state unit with no mechanical parts that wear over time, measurement error is extremely consistent.

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